Friday, May 14, 2010

Our Euro Trip 2010

And we begin our trip...well on a train! We spent quite a bit of time on the trains the first have of our trip.
Welcome to VIENNA!!! All you seen is what we had for two weeks!!!
amazing architecture
Us with Kelsea, one of our really good friends that we spent our day with in Vienna.
St. Stephens Cathedral
view of Vienna
The Group, Steven, Brooke, Andrew, Natalie
After a night train we arrived in VENICE!!!

Natalie's goal in life, feed the pigeons...she thoroughly enjoyed herself!

oh p.s. we stayed in MILAN for a night, we got in at midnight and left at 6am but before we left we HAD to see the famous Duomo with the most spires, it was pretty impressive at 1am :)
Our CINQUE TERRA exscursion begins!!!
our first taste of heaven! gelato!!! yum!

so gorgeous!

It was some serious hiking
Natalie was pretty pysched for this.. PISA and the Leaning TOWER
FLORENCE! And of course our first stop was to the Academy, where the real Michaelangelo's David is. Being the Humanities major that I am, let's just say I was really excited to see all the famous art works!
Florence Duomo, with Bruneshelli's dome (Michaelangelo painted the ceiling) and Ghiberti's doors, absolutely gorgeous! One of my favorites for sure!
Beautiful Florence!...Best Gelato!
Palatine Hill in....ROME!
Pantheon, Natalie loved this one! The marble inside was spectacular!
So Natalie loves the "artsy" pictures and I'm just not that good at it, the only way Natalie gets any good pictures of herself is if she first takes a picture of me and then I try and replicate the picture for her....this one I failed...oops! Sorry Natalie!
VATICAN CITY by night. (St. Peter's Basilica)
St. Peter's Basilica! MASSIVE!!!!
Rome, Andrew always made comments about how lucky we were with such great "cloud days".
Spanish Steps
The Trevi Fountain!!! We each tossed a few cents in! So Cool!
A good picture! We love eachother!
and you can't forget the Colosseum
Next stop. PARIS! Arc of Triumph
Norte Dame Cathedral, notice the beautiful rose window

Versailles! Natalie's favorite...she's gonna live there, just ask her!
We got to spend a how day biking! It was so picturesque, totally Anne of Green Gables
Louvre! Amazing Museum! We covered as much ground as we could because I wanted to see everything!
.....uh....disaster of a day....I guess Natalie and I really can't take care of ourselves. The one day we weren't with Andrew we couldn't get to the D-Day beaches in Bayeux. We made it to Bayeux but the D-Day beaches were a fail. Sad Day!
So instead of the beaches we went to the Bayeux Cathedral, we just love churches
Pantheon in Paris, Liberty, Faternity, Equality
Napoleon's tomb, he was important right?

Crepes! So good! Banana, coconut, and nutella! DO it!
PRAGUE!!!! town square
going up the astronomical clock tower, the first elevator! Not stairs! hooray!
Castle in the distance, red roofed Prague
St. Charles Bridge